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Alcan Cable Agrees to Sell New Non-Contact Transmission Line Monitoring Technology

Alcan Cable has entered into a distribution agreement with Promethean Devices to supply Promethean real-time, non-contact transmission line monitoring technology to utility companies and entities building transmission lines in North America.

The Promethean monitoring technology will enable utilities to safely and reliably push more power through new or existing transmission lines, thus relieving congestion of the electrical grid.

"We have completed beta testing of Promethean line monitoring technology with a number of utility companies over several years, and are now ready to offer this new non-contact monitoring technology to the market," said Steven Syracuse, president of Promethean Devices.

The Promethean non-contact, real time monitoring system provides the transmission line operator with the electrical conductor's temperature, clearance-to-ground, and maximum ampacity available above the static rating. Transmission lines almost universally use static ratings that are based on conservative assumptions about sun and wind speed. The Promethean system does not contact the monitored lines resulting in a fast installation and deployment of the system, and avoiding costly transmission line outages.

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