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AFL Enhances FlexTester Handheld OTDR and Multi-function Tester

AFL Enhances FlexTester Handheld OTDR and Multi-function Tester

AFL has announced key enhancements to its NOYES OFL280 FlexTester OTDR that improve overall performance and fiber event analysis, save optical power meter results for integration into the TRM reporting application and expand language support. AFL's recently updated TRM Test Results Manager software is now compatible with OFL280 .SOR trace files and .ATD power meter files. TRM enables OFL280 OTDR event analysis and end-to-end loss test results to be combined into a single, comprehensive report. Existing owners may download new firmware by visiting http://bit.ly/Mj4NoA.

The OFL280 FlexTester family of handheld, rugged OTDRs includes four models tailored for different point-to-point and FTTx PON installation and/or troubleshooting applications. All models deliver best-in-class 0.8 m event and 3.5 m attenuation dead zones, and include an integrated optical light source (OLS), an optical power meter (OPM) and a visual fault locator (VFL). The OLS and OPM support AFL's exclusive Wave ID, which enables simultaneous power and loss measurements at multiple wavelengths, eliminating setup errors and reducing loss test time by up to 80%. OFL280s provide over 12 hours of continuous operation without battery recharge or replacement.

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