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AEMC Offers 'Understanding Ground Resistance Testing' Seminars

In today’s rapidly changing world of technological advances, good grounding is more important than ever to prevent costly damage and downtime due to service interruptions and inoperative surge protection caused by poor grounds. A solid understanding of ground and soil resistivity testing procedures and the equipment used in conducting these tests is essential.

AEMC Instruments offers Understanding Ground Resistance Testing, a one-day training seminar taught by AEMC’s staff of professional engineers and technical personnel. Continued educational credits are available if you take the Ground Resistance Testing Course.

Through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on demonstrations, you will learn the various types of ground resistance tests, the proper application for each test and how to correctly operate the equipment used in conducting these tests. Completing this course will give you all the information you need to conduct ground resistance testing correctly and efficiently, saving you substantial time and money in the future.

Key topics covered are: Soil Resistivity, Ground Resistance, 3-Point Measurements, 4-Point Measurements, Clamp-On Measurements, Touch and Step Potential Measurements, Bonding Checks and more.

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