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Advanced Handheld Laser for Field Measurements

Advanced Handheld Laser for Field Measurements

Laser Technology, Inc. has introduced the TruPulse 360, a pocket-size compass laser that measures slope, horizontal and vertical distance, the degree of inclination and azimuth, all in one shot. Users can also calculate the height of an object by performing an onboard, 3-shot routine. This eliminates the hassles of overgrown grass, fences or any other obstacle that would typically be in the way of getting field measurements.

The onboard Missing Line function allows users to measure the distance, inclination and azimuth value between any two remote points. This permits instant verification of pole spans, vegetation clearances and anchor locations. Featuring high-quality optics with 7X magnification, taking measurements directly to the smallest of conductors is completely achievable. Imagine pointing at a conductor over a roadway and taking one quick shot with the laser to get the clearance.

The TruPulse 360 is affordable and suitable for electric utility applications such as: vegetation management, measuring span, sag & tension, inventorying poles and line staking. Integrate the TruPulse 360 with GPS, map all assets and transfer the field data into a GIS database. Communication with popular data collection software happens through a standard serial cable or with a TruPulse Bluetooth model.

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