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Advanced Grid Sensor Added to Smart Energy Platform

Silver Spring Networks has announced the availability of an advanced faulted circuit indicator integrated into its standards-based Smart Energy Platform. This new distribution automation solution provides utilities deeper insight into the operational conditions of their smart grid, providing real-time, location-aware intelligence on the integrity of their distribution lines. These ongoing operational alerts and data help utilities reduce overall costs, improve operational efficiency, and speed response times when power outages occur.

Silver Spring has enhanced its GridScape network management application to support configuration and management of the Silver Spring Communications Module embedded within the advanced grid sensor. Designed by Sentient Energy and known as the Master Monitor 2 (MM2), the device installs easily on overhead power lines. As part of the Silver Spring Partner Program, the two companies worked closely together to integrate the device with Silver Spring’s technology.

Silver Spring is reselling the Sentient MM2. The device, as well as Silver Spring GridScape 1.3 with support for managing Silver Spring communications in MM2 devices, is available now.

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