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Advanced Alarm, Event Management Technology Receives Patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has acknowledged the unique nature of OSI’s Alarm Management, granting a U.S. Patent for the OSI ViewPoint Alarm Management technology.

The scope of this patent covers the advanced and unique methods by which OSI’s alarm management system assists operators in keeping track of and expertly dealing with alarms and events generated by OSI’s monarch-based control systems. Key features include an expeditious sorting and indexing algorithm that facilitates the efficient processing of hundreds of thousands of alarms; an alarm dashboard that allows each user to customize the particular views of alarms; an event analyzer that is able to detect trends in historical alarms; as well as an advanced and intuitive user interface for manipulation of individual alarms through drag-and-drop, classifications and management of alarm behavior.

“Among the many challenges for system operators faced with the implementation of a smarter power grid is an exponential rise in telemetry points, responsible for an ever-broadening number of alarms and events that must be sorted through and properly addressed as quickly and effectively as possible. Responding to this growing need and to various challenges facing today’s grid operators, OSI has developed an Alarm Management System that allows operators to holistically manage, sort, assign, annotate and monitor events and alarms, through use of an advanced and efficient User Interface,” said Bahman Hoveida, OSI president and CEO.

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