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Adapter Set Oscilloscope Measuring AC Voltages

AEMC Instruments has introduced a new accessory to its line of hand-held OX series oscilloscopes to facilitate measuring AC voltages in industrial applications where larger clips are required to clip onto the measurement point.

The 600V Probe Adapter Set Probix Model HX0071 (Cat. #2124.90) is an accessory to the 10/1 Probe Model PRHX1. It consists of a grabber assembly that attaches to the probe tip, a common lead wire that accepts industry-standard alligator clips with a 4mm banana jack, an alligator clip and a pencil point adapter that will also attach to the probe tip.

  • 1000V Cat. III, 600V Cat. IV
  • Large jaw opening 0.75" (21mm)
  • Safety ridge prevents hand from slipping towards live voltage
  • Double Insulated
  • Common lead 23.5" (60mm)
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