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Active Power Protects U.S. Military Installation from Electrical Disturbances

Active Power, Inc. has announced the deployment of a 600 kVA CleanSource® UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system at a U.S. military facility. The flywheel based UPS system protects the facility from power sags, fluctuations and outages, ensuring continuous uptime 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“This facility serves as a critical communications hub for the U.S. military and we’re excited to have our system deployed onsite, protecting mission critical communications and telecom equipment,” said Gary Rackow, vice president, Americas for Active Power. “Active Power’s flywheel technology was an ideal fit for the facility not only for its industry leading energy efficiency rating, but because of its small footprint. It consumes less than half of the space of a legacy battery based system. Our General Services Administration (GSA) contract also made the acquisition of the technology that much easier for the end user.”

At up to 98 percent energy efficient, Active Power’s flywheel UPS technology has saved customers more than $40 million in energy costs since 1992. In addition, the flywheel is mechanical in nature as compared to a double conversion battery based UPS system which contains lead acid batteries, making it a chemical composition. As a result, the reliability and predictability of the flywheel is much easier to monitor. In fact, the flywheel produces more than 6,000 data points each second of operation, providing the operator a wealth of information including predictive failure analysis, real time relational monitoring and data capture that promotes rapid root cause analysis.

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