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Active Harmonic Filter Achieves 5% Total Harmonic Current Distortion

Arteche PQ, Inc. has introduced a complete range of active harmonic filters. This new filter product line achieves 5% total harmonic current distortion (THD) by monitoring the flow of harmonic currents on a power system and injecting the precise amount of cancellation current that will reduce the harmonics to minimal levels. This new range of filters is UL-listed and extends all the way from 25 A (harmonic cancellation current) to 1200 A.

Arteche PQ. a Wisconsin corporation and subsidiary of Arteche Group, specializes in the design and manufacture of products that improve electrical efficiency and the quality of electrical power in a facility, on a transmission grid or on an electrical distribution network. It can be a single source for virtually all harmonic filter technologies in use today including: low pass harmonic filters, 18-pulse converters, tuned filters, automatic harmonic filters, dynamic, soft switching filters and active filters.

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