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ABB to Upgrade Transmission Control for Vital Scandinavian Power Interconnector

ABB has been selected by Energinet.dk, Denmark, and Statnett, Norway, to upgrade the control system of the 30-year-old Skagerrak 1&2 high-voltage direct current (HVDC) link with a new ABB system called MACH 2.

"ABB’s cutting-edge HVDC control technology, MACH 2, will enhance grid reliability," said Samir Brikho, head of ABB's Power Systems division. "Upgrading the controls of the HVDC transmission link will extend its life by another 30 years."

The ABB Skagerrak 1&2 HVDC cable project is a milestone in HVDC history, having been the first cable or overhead transmission line to be built entirely with thyristor valve technology. After 30 years of successful operation, ABB has received an order to upgrade the control system.

The MACH 2 system is a commonly used control system for HVDC and FACTS with over 400 systems in operation. It is used in all types of HVDC installations from small, but demanding HVDC light installations, to large 3000-MW power links.

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