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Portable Ground Fault Locator Detects Faults For DC Systems

The instrument is said to provide accurate solutions for troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.

It is designed to fast-detect, track and locate grounding faults for both online and offline DC systems. With its compact and rugged design, the GFL-1000 is easy to use in small places and harsh environments working hard to increase the reliability of your electrical equipment.


  • Patented technology, pinpoint current leakage fault with grounding resistance lower than 1MΩ
  • Locate faults for both offline and online DC systems
  • Waveform analysis will analyze the interference signal in the circuit
  • Wide output voltage and output frequency ranges allow the GFL-1000 to meet the needs of your electronic equipment 

Utilities commonly use the GFL-1000 to meet NERC compliance. The GFL-1000 is recommended by NERC PRC-005-6 to inspect for unintentional grounds for Vented Lead-Acid, Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid, and NiCad batteries every four calendar months.

Compliance with NERC PRC-005-6 requires that the battery and DC power system be inspected for Inadvertent grounds every four months. If a ground fault exists, the GFL-1000 is the tool by which that fault can be located without the need to de-energize the live circuit.

View the Web site for more information. 

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