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high voltage equipment

Portable AC Hipot Offers Rugged Durability

High Voltage Inc. to feature high-voltage portable test equipment at the IEEE PES T&D Expo

High Voltage Inc. focuses on high-voltage portable test equipment for utilities, HV electrical contractors, industrials and electrical apparatus OEMS to perform electrical withstand testing on electrical apparatus and high-voltage withstand and diagnostic testing on shielded power cables rated 5 kV and higher. It offers a full line of ac, dc, and very low frequency VLF ac hipots as well as cable fault locators (thumpers), cable diagnostic testers (tan delta and PD), oil breakdown testers, calibration dividers, and higher-powered ac dielectric test sets up to 300 kV and 40 kVA.

One of the more popular models at booth 510 will be a portable ac hipot, rated 0 to 50 kV ac, typically used for testing vacuum bottles, breakers, switchgear and other electrical apparatus. The Model PFT-503CM owes its popularity to its single-piece construction and shielded high-voltage output cable unique at this voltage level. Customers find it rugged, easy to use with features like an external interlock provision and a guard / ground circuit that allows more precise current meter readings.

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Booth 510

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