LIndsey gen2

Line Post Sensor Offers Accuracy in a Lighter Weight

Lindsey’s new GEN2 line post sensors incorporate the same high accuracy and reliability of their industry standard predecessors, while featuring a 50% weight reduction. New line-friendly features include a hook stick operable conductor keeper system (patent pending), click-to-close watertight cables, and enhanced environmental performance in wet and polluted environments. GEN2 sensors provide 0.5% voltage accuracy and 1% current accuracy with no phase shift. 

“Lindsey line post sensors were originally introduced in 1985. Since then, hundreds of thousands of these sensors have been placed in service around the world,” said Dr. Keith Lindsey, President. “The high accuracy of the GEN2 sensors will continue to make them the number one choice for utilities looking to maximize the benefits from their smart grid initiatives, such as Volt-VAR optimization programs.”

Lindsey sensors provide exceptionally reliable and highly accurate voltage and current monitoring for substation, overhead, pad-mount and submersible underground distribution applications.  Offering a variety of sensors providing zero phase shift, wide frequency response and superb harmonic performance, Lindsey sensors have been widely deployed for Volt-VAR control, monitoring, and other distribution automation applications.

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