High-Voltage Capacitor Switching Device

Southern States CapSwitcher is a high-voltage capacitor switching device specifically designed to meet the power quality needs of today's electrical systems. This special purpose SF6 capacitor switch is available for application on single bank or back-to-back banks whether grounded or ungrounded.

Its closing resistors provide transient suppression to minimize the detrimental effects of voltage transients on sensitive equipment such as computers, CNC machines, and variable speed drives and to minimize the detrimental effects of current transients on utility equipment such as circuit breaker contacts, power transformer cores and coils, etc.

Other key features of this device include circuit making in SF6 rather than in air, single mechanism spring operator for reliable long-life operation, and single gap per phase puffer interrupters having long contact life and multi-time fault closing capability. In addition, the device reduces the inrush current thus eliminating the need for inrush current reactors that are used with breakers and other devices

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