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New Megger DGA Monitor can Spot Faults

Nov. 6, 2023
InsuLogix G2 monitors the health of power transformers by finding faults that can damage or shorten lives of critical equipment.

Megger offers an online monitoring tool that accurately measures low levels of acetylene, providing reliable and early detection of arcing faults. The InsuLogix G2 empowers transformer owners to take necessary actions to mitigate life-ending damage to their transformers, preventing costly unplanned outages.

Designed to monitor the health of a power transformer both efficiently and cost-effectively, the G2 can be easily installed within an hour and a half without taking the transformer out of service. This unit requires minimal maintenance throughout its long-life span.

Hydrogen gas in transformer oil is an indicator of lower temperature faults and is present in the majority of transformer faults, while acetylene gas indicates the presence of high energy arcing faults requiring immediate attention.

By monitoring both hydrogen and acetylene levels, as well as moisture, the G2 not only alerts users to the presence of faults, but also gives valuable information about the severity and the progression of the fault. The G2 offers laser technology that can detect acetylene in oil down to 0.5 ppm.

The G2 includes RS485 and Ethernet ports. It is supplied with support for Modbus, as well as optional DNP3 or IEC 61850 communication protocols, allowing for easy integration with nearly any type of supervisory infrastructure. It also offers 12 user-configurable solid-state relay outputs and a built-in LCD display that provides local indication of gas status.

This monitor offers a web user interface for data visualization and administrative tasks. Multiple G2 units can be accessed via a single web server session. The unit is compliant with industry guidelines for instrumentation operating in a substation environment.

Technical Specifications

  • Laser technology – detects down to 0.5 ppm acetylene in oil
  • Includes RS485 and Ethernet ports
  • Modbus (RTU and TCP), DNP3, and IEC61850 communication protocols available
  • 12 user-configurable solid-state relay outputs
  • Installs in 1.5 hours

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