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PG&E Using Oracle Solar Net Metering Optimization Tool

June 14, 2023
The Oracle Utilities Opower tool generates customer-tailored, AI-created home energy reports.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), one of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the US, is offering Oracle Utilities Opower Solar Home Energy Reports (HERs) to its customers,

With this collaboration, 350,000 households are getting personalized insights into their net energy use, help understanding net metered bills and tips on how to save.

First launched in 2011, PG&E has delivered HERs to more than three million customers in California. PG&E’s Opower program has delivered over 1.5 terawatt hours of electric savings, nearly 53 million Therms in gas savings, and $542 million in estimated customer bill savings.

PG&E’s rooftop solar customers now receive a personalized welcome report that orients them to how their solar-powered home uses energy. Monthly progress reports then follow with solar-specific insights and benchmarks that encourage customers to take actions to get the most out of their rooftop solar investment by saving energy. 

 Since the launch of the Solar HER, Oracle and PG&E have seen high customer satisfaction and digital engagement. So far, the most common satisfaction score customers give the experience is a 5 out of 5. Early results show customers receiving these new solar HERs are clicking through to PG&E web tools at a rate 180% higher than other customers receiving HERs.

PG&E provides Opower HERs and web tools for EV drivers with disaggregated EV charging use and personalized EV charging advice. PG&E customers receiving EV HERs are opening the reports at a rate 36% higher than customers receiving standard HERs. Customers receiving EV HERs are engaging with PG&E’s Opower web features 280% more often than standard HER recipients, and they are taking valuable action on For example, nearly 18,000 customers have used PG&E’s Opower rate comparison tool on their way to select an EV rate plan that encourages off-peak charging. 

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