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Cincoze Intel-Equipped Computers are Designed for Harsh Environments

May 15, 2023
The Cincoze DS-1400 high-performance and PCIe expansion embedded computer uses the latest Intel Alder Lake-S platform.

The Cincoze DS-1400 high-performance and PCIe expansion embedded computer uses the latest Intel Alder Lake-S platform. This device has a 1.35x performance improvement over the previous model, which is ideal for applications that require heavy computational lifting.

The system has undergone rigorous safety testing and is UL certified. The DS-1400 also has Cincoze’s exclusive patented adjustable card retainer (patent number: I773359) that fixes PCI/PCIe expansion cards securely, ensuring stable operation even in high-vibration environments. The model on display will demonstrate how the adjustable card retainer makes the expansion card firmly in place and won’t loosen under continuous vibration, ensuring the stable and uninterrupted operation of the machine.

Cincoze is a maker of rugged embedded computer brand providing diversified embedded computer solutions tailored to market needs. Its product lines include rugged embedded computers, industrial panel PCs, industrial displays and embedded GPU computers.

Cincoze's Rugged Computing - DIAMOND product line offers stability for edge computing in harsh industrial environments.

The seven series of computers in the range have wide temperature, wide voltage, and other industrial-grade protections, and each has different performance, expandability and size options.

The CMI/CFM/MEC modules also support additional I/O and functionality. The DX-1200 is the newest addition to the DIAMOND line, boasting the improved performance of the Intel Alder Lake-S platform. Meeting international standards and certifications such as UL, and E-mark certification, the DX-1200 is designed for AIoT applications.

Cincoze’s Display Computing’s CRYSTAL product line is designed for the AIoT HMI. They allow equipment control and automation status monitoring while accessing real-time operating data.

The CRYSTAL product line consists of six series, including industrial panel PCs (CV-100/P series) and monitors (CV-100/M series) for general industrial environments, sunlight-readable panel PCs (CS-100/P series) and monitors (CS-100/M series) for outdoor high-brightness applications, and open frame panel PCs (CO-100/P series) and monitors (CO-100/M series). The CRYSTAL line provides a wide range of options, including display size, display ratio, touch mode, resolution, brightness, and more to suit different usage environments.

Cincoze’s GPU Computing – GOLD product line provides the high-performance computing power needed for computationally intensive AIoT applications. With two series, the GM-1000 and GP-3000, these products are perfect for applications requiring massive real-time image processing, such as AI or machine vision.

The GM-1000 is an extreme-performance computer equipped with an MXM GPU, making it ideal for machine vision applications where space is limited. On the other hand, the GP-3000, Cincoze's flagship model, can support up to two full-length GPU cards thanks to the GPU Expansion Box. This makes it perfect for performing sophisticated visual inspection or autonomous driving tasks. The GP-3000 has three patents for its heat dissipation, expansion, and GPU card mounting bracket designs that address common customer pain points. 

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