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Cepton Releases Compact, Definable Lidar System

Feb. 20, 2023

Cepton, a Silicon Valley lidar solutions firm, unveiled its new lidar system, the Vista-X120 Plus.

The Vista-X120 Plus is a slim, software definable, automotive lidar for real-time adaptive 3D perception.

The Vista-X120 Plus advances Cepton’s vision for mass-market lidar adoption. Expanding on Cepton’s commercially scalable Vista-X90 lidar, which will be deployed in the Company’s flagship ADAS lidar series production program, the Vista-X120 Plus offers high performance and embeddability: a 500% increase in data rate, 30° wider field of view, over 20% reduction in size and 50% reduction in height.

Featuring a software definable region of interest (ROI), the Vista-X120 Plus enables higher dynamic perception capabilities. Its tunable central field of view with increased angular resolution enables higher accuracy in the detection and classification of key objects in a given driving scenario.

The ROI is configurable in real time in both horizonal and vertical directions, unlocking a higher level of intelligence and efficiency, while making the lidar sensor versatile and adaptive to various use cases – same hardware, flexible adoption.

With a production size of 140 (W) x 30 (H) x 150 (D) mm, the Vista-X120 Plus offers an unparalleled combination of slimness, compactness and embeddability. Its small footprint enables OEM integration and placement options without disrupting vehicle appearance.

At its <18 W power consumption, Vista-X120 Plus offers a 200 m range at 10% reflectivity, angular resolutions of 0.05° (ROI) and 0.1° (non-ROI), a 120° x 25° field of view and a data rate of over 6 million points per second.

With a target price point below $500 for volume production, the automotive-grade Vista-X120 Plus is positioned for mass-market deployment. Building upon Cepton’s patented MMT technology, it features an elegant precision opto-mechanical architecture with infinite mechanical life to maximize durability and reliability for automotive use. Its modular design and off-the-shelf components make it easily manufacturable in large volumes at low costs.

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