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ABB Relay Retrofit Program to Modernize Protection and Control System

Jan. 24, 2023
REX610 protection relay is designed to extend the lifetime of switchgear.

ABB has installed more than 700,000 SPACOM relays used for power system protection and reliable power system operation world-wide. With the older generation of relays now aging, ABB is developing new technology and expanding its service portfolio to replace select SPACOM relay types with REX610 relays.

REX610 is an all-in-one protection relay to support basic power distribution applications with six variants. This relay can be easily adapted during its entire lifetime to meet requirements for protection, communication and network. 

ABB's Relay Retrofit Program offers a transition from SPACOM relays to REX610 to ensure improved power supply reliability.

The program includes a configuration template, which ensures the REX610 relay configurations are matched to each SPACOM relay default configuration. The new mounting assemblies feature pre-wired terminals to minimize the need for re-wiring and thereby the need for updating existing wiring diagrams.

The Retrofit Program for SPACOM to REX610 relays covers the whole replacement process, with ABB providing holistic expert advice, tools and accessories throughout the engineering, installation, testing aspects of the project.

REX610 relays offer equivalent functionality of SPACOM relays with a possibility to configure additional protection functions. As REX610 fully supports the IEC 61850 standard for communication and interoperability of substation automation devices, the program also provides an opportunity to upgrade the entire communication system at the same time, to better meet today’s protection and communication requirements.

REX610 has fully modular hardware and a broad selection of default functionality with optional add-on access to a web-based data-sharing and backup service, ABB Ability Backup Management for electrical systems – Data Care, where all firmware updates will also be accessible. This provides secure online storage and easy sharing of technical information from the protection relays.

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