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Tantalus Delivers 3 Millionth Smart Endpoint to Public Power and Electric Cooperative Utilities

Sept. 6, 2022
Connected devices deliver next-generation smart grid solutions and data-driven applications to help utilities modernize, digitize and improve resiliency

Smart grid technology company Tantalus Systems has now deployed more than 3 million smart grid-enabled connected meters with its integrated TRUEdge computing modules to public power and electric cooperative utilities.

These connected meters with TRUEdge computing modules serve as the backbone of a digital network that improves a utility’s resiliency in the face of massive economic, environmental and regulatory change.

Through these 3 million connected meters, Tantalus is gathering more than 30 billion data points annually that provide visibility into evolving power consumption patterns and corresponding power quality measurements from the edge of the grid.

By feeding the “data of power” from the edge of the grid into advanced software applications and AI-enabled data analytics, Tantalus’ customers gain real-time situational awareness to improve their system planning, protect substation and distribution assets, respond faster to emergencies, optimize the efficiency of their grids and enhance their customer support.

These connected devices are also capable of reading multiple communication protocols to support an increasing number of initiatives across water and gas departments of multi-commodity utilities. As water emergencies surface across the United States, Tantalus is delivering an interoperable system that automates the data collection of industry-leading water and gas meter interface units (MIUs), creating enormous economic and operational advantages.

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