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Duquesne Light Co. Enhances Transmission Capacity, Reliability with LineVision Technology

Sept. 6, 2022
Dynamic line rating system sees average 25% capacity increase across power lines, making way for more renewable energy sources

Duquesne Light Co. is expanding its work with LineVision Inc. to deploy additional dynamic line rating (DLR) sensors in the utility’s service territory in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Following the initial launch of its DLR project last summer, DLC has identified an average of 25% additional available capacity on transmission lines equipped with the technology, making it easier to expand the integration of renewable energy and meet the region’s growing demand for electricity.

The company is now preparing to use the gathered data in its operations. Through real-time visibility of line congestion and conditions, DLC can determine when maintenance is required and further increase service reliability.

The project aligns with DLC’s ongoing investment in innovative technologies and critical infrastructure to modernize the electrical grid and advance a clean energy future for the Pittsburgh region.

“At Duquesne Light Company, we believe everyone deserves to benefit from a clean energy future, and our organization plays a critical role in enabling southwestern Pennsylvania’s shift toward renewables,” said Dr. Elizabeth Cook, general manager of advanced grid solutions at DLC. “Having this level of visibility into the performance of our network helps us ensure a more responsive and flexible grid and arms us with the data to safely increase our lines’ load. DLC is committed to investing in advanced grid technologies to maintain a reliable, safe and resilient grid for our customers and region.”

“DLC continues to be an important partner for LineVision as we move toward the operationalization of our technology on networks across the country,” said Hudson Gilmer, CEO of LineVision. “Dynamic line ratings can help utilities enable their customers to meet ambitious climate goals sooner by offering accurate, real-time data on the available transmission capacity. We are thrilled to continue our work toward a net-zero grid with an innovative leader like DLC.”

Currently, LineVision’s sensors are installed on 345kV lines and are providing DLC’s LineRate DLR application. As part of the expansion with LineVision, DLC will deploy additional sensors to monitor 138kV transmission lines.

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