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Megger Enhances Grid Visibility and Performance

Aug. 1, 2022
Unlock Your Grid Performance

In the Electrical world, it’s almost impossible to talk “test and measurement” without including Megger in the opening sentence. Having an undeniable reputation for reliability, industry exponents have come to rely upon the accuracy of Megger products to validate their decision-making, particularly in the fields of preventative and reactive maintenance.  

However, power generation could be said to be experiencing “the perfect storm”, as a number of influencing factors come together, creating an unpredictably rapid pace of change across the Electrical Power Industry. Aging networks, increasingly extreme weather events, the move towards renewables and the rapid digital transformation of power generation and consumption caused by it, are placing additional stress on the grid. Answering these challenges requires new technologies and systems approaches capable of analysing and interpreting the vast amounts of data now being collected, to detect trends, anomalies and coincidences, as predictors of future electrical asset performance.  

This “future looking”, is a central tenet of Megger’s growth strategy, and is fundamental to their ambition “to continue to excite the global market with innovative solutions to the challenges of keeping up with electrical progress”.  Its approach enhances grid visibility to counteract such challenges and other hurdles associated with them. 

So, as Electrical Utilities around the world undergo this digital transition, Megger recognises that some are at the forefront of this process, whilst others remain in the evaluation stage. As a business environment which has traditionally suffered high inertia to change, given the lifetime of installed electrical assets, grid network design, established working practices and the need for safety, Megger sees the opportunity to demonstrate its pioneering credentials once again, by leading the way, as the industry moves from preventative and reactive maintenance towards predictive analysis through increased grid insights.  

It is against this backdrop that Megger has been progressively building a longer-term value proposition for the Electrical Industry, which includes the evaluation of major electrical assets, a business area which has gained importance and complexity, as Engineers seek to improve grid network reliability in response to industry regulators driving reductions in customer interruptions, customer minutes lost, and maintenance costs. 

Megger is no stranger to asset performance management, having addressed it for over 130 years, but with the race to Net Zero underway, rapid digitisation changing the data landscape and renewable energy presenting new levels of management complexity, Megger’s response to these Industry challenges has accelerated. 

Building upon its legendary expertise in Electrical Test and Measurement, Megger has weaved new technologies, with unique value propositions centred on Condition-based Monitoring and Asset Performance Management, into its core T&M portfolio. This approach supports software solutions for Enterprise Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Outage management (planned and unplanned) with fault and pre-fault location and network planning, system attributes that provide Asset Investment Management with new levels of asset health indices that support future grid network reliability, with uncompromising standards of data security. 

Megger’s hardware and software solutions bring advanced data-driven monitoring and analytics into the grid network, including the utilisation of real time data tracking, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, enabling massive amounts of past and real time operational data to be analysed in micro-seconds, instead of months, providing up-to-date visibility of grid performance.  

Megger’s grid analytics solutions, together with smart grid sensors, have the ability to locate faults in your grid and identify weak spots, improving SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index). These indices are measured and reported with rising scrutiny, as the pressure for improved reliability increases.  

The resulting speed of high-quality data-driven insights provide grid network operators with a superior quality of offline test data, online measurements, and asset duty information, from which predictive assessments of asset health can be formed, with particular focus on areas most likely to fail.  

These insights enable enhanced grid network visibility and more effective management and maintenance actions to be undertaken, which actively work to decrease the number of outages that would otherwise have occurred due to missing prediction data and or, a lack of resources, resulting in improved reliability, in this new era.  

So, as Policy and Asset Engineers move to condition-based monitoring regimes and away from periodic approaches, Megger has positioned itself to assist the Electrical Generation and Distribution Industries in their collective ambitions for more efficient and effective measurement and management of electrical assets and associated infrastructure, towards Smart Grid enablement, including the complexities associated with renewable generation.  

With increased grid visibility more important than ever, Megger is ideally positioned to support you in unlocking your grid performance. 

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