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OMICRON CT Analyzer Tests, Calibrates Transformers

April 21, 2021
Based on customer feedback, OMICRON developed a new software update for the CT Analyzer

OMICRON’s CT Analyzer specializes in testing, calibrating, and assessing all different types of current transformers with the push of a button. Watch the product video here to get an overview.

With the latest software release, version 5.10, the OMICRON development team has ensured that the software’s functional range has been enlarged for post-processing measurements.

Based on customer feedback, OMICRON developed a new software update for the CT Analyzer.

After we presented the new PC software with the last release, many customers approached us and requested a simultaneous view of multiple tests and comprehensive reporting possibilities. In the current release, we have implemented these suggestions and more.

It is now possible to open multiple tests at once in the CT Analyzer PC software. This new feature compares settings and results from several measurements, for example, measurements in between different phases or cores, easier and faster.

With advanced reporting, multiple tests can be integrated into one test report. For example, this is handy for CT units with multiple cores, or when reports are required, which compare the results from all phases, or any other use case that requires a report creation in bulk or in combination with several measurements.

Excel-based reporting templates can now be easily customized with the new reporting template designer tool.

It is also possible to perform a simulation or re-calculation of the measurement results only using the PC software. The CT Analyzer does not necessarily have to be connected.

The latest software and firmware version 5.10 is available free of charge. Some more advanced functions can be additionally purchased with the PC Software Upgrade Option. Each license can be activated for up to three Windows users. 

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