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Symphony IndustrialAI Buys Digital Manufacturer Savigent

March 9, 2021
Savigent will become a division focused on accelerating digital factory and manufacturing plant AI initiatives

Symphony IndustrialAI has purchased IIoT and digital workflow orchestration company Savigent.

This acquisition further advances Symphony IndustrialAI’s initiatives into plant and supply chain processes. The combination of Savigent connected factory and process optimization capabilities and Symphony IndustrialAI solutions based on its advanced EurekaAI technology platform will help process and discrete manufacturing customers improve process efficiency, yields, quality and energy consumption.

Customers realize tremendous value through Savigent’s ability to easily and quickly connect disparate systems and equipment within factories, provide the required visibility to enable improved decision-making, and drive costly variability and inefficiencies out of a vast array of manufacturing processes.

Symphony IndustrialAI will enhance Savigent’s low-code platform and real-time IoT data capture and work orchestration technologies with AI optimization technologies. Savigent will drive additional value for Symphony IndustrialAI’s existing condition monitoring, asset performance management, and predictive maintenance solutions. 

Symphony IndustrialAI is a SymphonyAI company. The acquisition of Savigent is part of SymphonyAI’s strategy to build leading vertically focused companies that deliver the highest value to customers with next-generation AI solutions for revenue growth and operational excellence. 

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