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ESC Spectrum Releases Quality Assurance Software

Jan. 4, 2021
Designed specifically for air emissions regulatory requirements, QAInsight provides fleetwide visibility into the status of all QA test activities

ESC Spectrum is releasing QAInsight, a subscription-based software that helps utilities and other industrial companies solve the challenges of scheduling, planning and tracking a myriad of activities related to performing QA tests required by state and federal agencies.

QAInsight serves as a company’s single source for QA test data, ensuring access to information across different facilities and departments, as well as eliminating mistakes caused by missing or incorrect data resulting from spreadsheets or other error-prone collection and storage methods.

With the click of a button, QAInsight users can see an overview of their QA activities (including QA test completion dates, operating data, and recertification event deadlines among many others) color-coded to help them quickly set priorities.

While QAInsight can be configured to work with any Data Acquisition System (DAS), it automatically imports critical information from ESC Spectrum’s industry-leading StackVision DAS.

"QAInsight will be an important addition to our customers regulatory compliance toolbox,” said Jeff Rabensteine, President of ESC Spectrum. “Many of our customers are tracking thousands of QA test deadlines and activities across multiple facilities. Spreadsheets or other home grown methods are no longer effective for such an immense and important undertaking."

"We hear time and time again from customers that demands for data and accountability to their corporate offices and regulatory agencies just keep increasing,” explained Mike Viator, Director of Sales and Marketing. “By managing their QA test activities, QAInsight helps ease the strain by helping them do their jobs more efficiently while ensuring accessible data."

Backed by superior customer support and decades of industry expertise, ESC Spectrum provides end-to-end solutions to solve the most complex air emissions regulations.

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