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ABB Switchgear Allows Customers to Switch to Green Insulation Gas at any Point

Nov. 30, 2020
Thanks to its small footprint and increased reliability, the latest gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), PrimeGear ZX0, is the perfect solution to meet electricity demand

ABB helps to electrify the world sustainably. With an increasing number of mega cities worldwide, demand for space-saving electrical solutions like compact switchgear is growing.

Thanks to its small footprint and increased reliability, the latest gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), PrimeGear ZX0, is the perfect solution to meet electricity demand.

Technological innovation and digitalization are playing an increasingly vital role in accelerating the shift to a low-carbon and eco-efficient economy. ABB’s latest primary GIS, PrimeGear ZX0, distributes energy in the medium-voltage (MV) network, building on ABB’s digital monitoring and diagnostic solutions, and proven innovative SF6-free switchgear technology.

Available from late 2020, this switchgear allows customers across sectors including utilities, industry and infrastructure, to change the insulation gas to an eco-efficient alternative at any point of the switchgear’s lifetime.

SF6 (Sulfur hexafluoride) has been a reliable insulation gas used in switchgear for over 50 years worldwide. Although it has excellent insulation qualities, it also has a high global warming potential and is a potent greenhouse gas. Upcoming regulations regarding SF6 will motivate customers to adopt SF6-free switchgear technology.

Alessandro Palin, President of ABB's Distribution Solutions Division, said: “At ABB, our vision is to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. With a focus on delivering leading-edge products and solutions we want to power operations and positive change through innovation. With PrimeGear ZX0 we combine our SF6-free switchgear technology with digital capabilities in one flexible solution. We are proud to be working with customers to make it easy for them to choose eco-friendly solutions and build a more sustainable future together.”

ABB has been investing in research and development of alternative solutions to SF6 for MV GIS for more than 10 years. With the new PrimeGear ZX0 ABB developed an all-in-one solution. PrimeGear ZX0 is available with SF6 or eco-efficient gas mixtures Dry Air or AirPlus, an eco-efficient gas mixture with a global warming potential of less than one. And it is also available with an optional eco-ready panel enabling customers to choose SF6 insulation and easily switch to AirPlus or Dry Air in the future.

A cloud-based solution provides insights on the switchgear’s health, whether onsite or on-premise. Current and voltage sensors, remote monitoring and diagnostics features, make installation and commissioning quicker and easier, and helps the customer monitor their switchgear operations.

Harikishan Narayanan, Global Product Group Manager at ABB for GIS explains: “PrimeGear ZX0 is designed to enable our customers to transition from SF6 to SF6-free technology in a simple way. Thanks to its innovative design, we are able to offer an SF6-free switchgear with low tank pressure while at the same time maintaining a similar footprint and performance as an SF6 switchgear. The switchgear provides real-time information from anywhere and empowers customers to make smart data-driven decisions. PrimeGear ZX0 will set a new trend where sustainabilty, performance, safety and digitalization converge benefitting our customers and the environment.”

The new PrimeGear ZX0 for 12 and 24 kV is available throughout Asia at the end of 2020, and in Q2 2021 for the rest of the world (except ANSI).

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