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ANRA Technologies Launches Drone Flight Management System

Oct. 20, 2020
This latest release also introduces features specifically developed for energy, telecom, and construction industries

Unmanned aerial system management firm ANRA Technologies released the ANRA MissionManager. Building upon years of experience developing and deploying its drone operations software platform, MissionManager is a turnkey drone operations solution that integrates fleet management, compliance, risk mitigation, flight automation, data capture and analysis into a single platform.

This latest release also introduces features specifically developed for energy, telecom, and construction industries.

ANRA MissionManager is part of a family of highly adaptable and scalable drone operation platforms, specifically designed to adjust to rapidly evolving regulatory environments. The secure cloud-based platform manages pilots and assets anywhere globally, enabling seamless workflow coordination from the corporate office to the job site.

With increased confidence and lower risk, drone program managers will be assured that permitted operations are flown using qualified personnel flying approved equipment for assigned tasks. The platform supports extensive flight automation, including integration into the ANRA SmartSkies platform for beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations.

ANRA Technologies adheres to the most stringent security standards for all its products and services, including MissionManager. The platform offers sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA), and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for account access with real-time network traffic and infrastructure monitoring, incident reporting, with localized cloud storage and backup encrypted in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. All wireless and network data transmissions are encrypted in TLS 1.2 or higher, while live video streams are secured in line with industry best practices.

The MissionManager user interface was designed based on early customer feedback, to make it easier for pilots and managers to navigate and operate the platform and customize data processing capabilities.

MissionManager provides enterprise-grade features and capabilities for an unlimited number of users and missions. The platform streamlines workflows, assists in performance monitoring, and accelerates drone-enabled data collection and processing resulting in immediate and measurable cost savings across the enterprise.

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