SATEC’s eXpertMeter Synchrophasor Plug-In Aids in Critical Grid Reliability

March 16, 2020
Advanced Phasor Measurement Unit plug-in module adds synchrophasor and frequency measurement functionality to the company’s Power Quality Analyzer.

SATEC, Inc., a global supplier of instrumentation and software serving the electrical utility market, announces the availability of a new plug-in module for its flagship PM180 eXpertMeter Power Quality Analyzer adding synchrophasor and frequency measurement functionality. With the introduction of the Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) plug-in module, the flexible PM180 platform takes another step forward in helping utility engineers solve distribution network problems quickly.

The PMU provides data compliant with IEEE C37.118.1 performance class as well as a real-time exchange of synchronized phasor data with the substation phasor data concentrator based on IEC 61850-9-2.

“While phasor measurements have been in use with protective relays for many years, the rapid growth of solar and wind renewables, as well as microgrids and their fluctuating load characteristics, are stressing the limits of the grid and are therefore driving the need for additional monitoring points,” said Ed Russo, SATEC’s Regional Meter Engineer. “Adding PMU monitoring functionality to the capabilities of our advanced PM180 eXpertMeter Power Quality Analyzer provides essential data that can help make the overall operation of the grid more reliable.”

The SATEC eXpertMeter PM180 is a high-performance analyzer featuring a unique modular design that ensures its adaptation to changing needs through a selection of numerous plug-in options enabling it to substitute for several other devices, saving costs, space and complexity. The PM180’s existing energy and power quality functionality already have been proven to be an important part of electric utilities’ ability to meter and monitor key points throughout their systems. 

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