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Ganter Provides Monitoring and Control for Utility-Scale Power Plants

March 3, 2020
The company supplied solutions for more than 1 GW of solar plants in 2019.

Gantner commissioned monitoring and control solutions for another 1 GW solar power in 2019. Gantner’s complete monitor solution has been supplied for example in projects in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Jordan as well as in the Netherlands and Spain.

A new market Gantner entered is Ukraine, which strengthens the company’s portfolio in Eastern Europe where already some of the region’s biggest solar power plants in Belarus and in Kazakhstan work with Gantner’s system.

In 2019 the total number of newly acquired measurement channels with a typical measure rate of up to 1 Hz equaled about one million. Another five million of calculated channels are imported into the company's cloud-based Gantner.webportal with a storage rate of one per minute. The amount of collected data provides the opportunity to apply new big data technologies to gain information about the state of a power plant, to calculate production forecasts and to perform predictive maintenance.

With Gantner’s “Mechanistic Performance Model,” it is possible to compare the actual outcome of a PV plant with target values based on the structure of the plant and on weather conditions. 

Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions is a full-service PV monitoring and control supplier for utility-scale PV power plants. The Gantner hardware portfolio includes string monitoring devices, DC and AC combiner boxes, weather stations, cloud-based SaaS, power quality meters, data loggers and the power plant controller "Q. reader".Gantner's solutions are installed in hundreds of utility-scale PV plants, among them some of the world's largest, making Gantner one of the biggest independent PV monitoring companies worldwide.

Gantner Instruments was founded in 1982 and has offices in Germany, Austria, China, France, India and the United States. The PV business unit, Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions, has access to a global PV expert network and several collaborations with institutes. Furthermore, it has a worldwide presence with offices in both established and upcoming PV markets and technical experts in many geographic areas on hand to deliver local service.

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