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Origo Launches 4th Generation G4 PhaseID System

Nov. 18, 2019
Origo introduced a phase identification system that can be used to phase all primary, secondary and three-phase circuits by proximity.

Origo has just introduced the new 4th generation G4 PhaseID System. It is not just a new model, but a modern "Software Defined Architecture" hosted on a smartphone and worldwide reference phase Server Network, which allows future features and phasing capabilities to be implemented by simply upgrading the app and server software.

Electric utilities are migrating towards smartphone apps and drones to perform much of their routine maintenance and inspection work. Origo's G4 System is designed to support all current and future phasing (drone) requirements.

Since 2003, Origo's PhaseID products have been sold worldwide to both small utilities who occasionally need phasing, and to large utilities tasked with phasing tens of thousands of nodes to phase identify their entire system.

The G4 is Origo's most modern, convenient, fastest (100 nodes/day), easiest to operate, and lowest cost system yet. Use it to phase all primary, secondary, and three-phase circuits by proximity (never have to touch a live conductor). Also phase dead front elbows, URD feeders, underground lead shielded cables and determine URD elbow connectivity between junction cabinets and padmounts. Our ultra stable Field Probe can be used all day inside fully shielded enclosures.

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