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Coronal Energy Rolls Out Monitoring Platform Across Solar Portfolio

Sept. 30, 2019
Due to the system’s flexibility, Coronal was able to migrate data from five different monitoring platform into a single one in just two months.

Coronal Energy, a North American IPP specialized in solar PV, has selected QOS Energy, an independent software vendor specializing in data intelligence solutions for renewable energy assets, as its primary monitoring and performance analytics software partner. Coronal will benefit from the Qantum platform’s ability to aggregate data from all types of energy sources onto one single analytics platform to monitor its 353 MW solar asset portfolio.

Coronal Energy, powered by Panasonic, provides turnkey solar energy solutions tailored for diverse enterprise customers across North America, including utilities, corporations and the public sector. The California-based IPP owns and manages a 353 MW operating project portfolio.

By aggregating all project data onto one platform, QOS Energy brings the twin benefits of improving the productivity, quality and the consistency of the asset management process. 

“Before consolidating our O&M management with QOS Energy, we used to rely on as much as five different monitoring platforms,” says Vania Mesrob, VP Asset Management of Coronal Energy. “That obviously generated a lot of unnecessary work for our performance team and created inconsistencies across our KPIs. Not only was it far too time consuming, but it was also impossible to explore a portfolio-wide view or compare the performance of different projects as data was coming in five different formats. Unsurprisingly, our asset management team is very happy with this move.”

Coronal Energy’s asset management team worked with QOS Energy to tailor the platform to its specific needs and centralize data coming from multiple former DAS/SCADA systems in real-time. Due to QOS Energy’s hardware-agnostic approach, they were able to onboard the 350 MW+ portfolio in less than two months. The end solution enables Coronal Energy to increase energy production and achieve a higher ROI. Going forward, Coronal will benefit from the high flexibility offered by the platform to continuously improve the monitoring environment, enrich incoming data and meet its evolving requirements.

“We are excited to work for Coronal Energy. They are an ideal customer for us. Since they manage a renewable energy portfolio composed of diverse equipment, they can really extract the maximum value out of Qantum, and ensure data quality and integrity,” said Hugo Lapie, director of sales North America of QOS Energy.

Qantum’s cloud-based software suite features a complete set of customizable charts, dashboards, KPIs and alerts helping to gain a deeper understanding of the assets’ performance, thereby maximizing operational performance. The platform also offers a fully integrated maintenance management system to help reduce downtime by streamlining maintenance workflows for large and complex renewable energy portfolios.

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