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Non-Contact Voltage Tester Measures Distances Up to 66 Ft

Sept. 3, 2019
Klein Tools' new non-contact voltage tester features a laser distance meter.

Klein Tools introduces the Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Laser Distance Meter (Cat. No. NCVT-6), which detects the presence of AC voltage and measures distances up to 66 ft – all in one lightweight, easy to carry tool. The NCVT-6 extends Klein Tools’ existing non-contact voltage tester product offering.

The Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Laser Distance Meter (Cat. No. NCVT-6) provides the following benefits: 

  • Provides non-contact determination of AC voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, switches, outlets and wires
  • Detects AC voltage from 12 to 1000 V with simultaneous visual and audible indicators when AC voltage is detected
  • 66-ft (20 m) laser distance meter provides measurements in meters, inches with decimals or fractions or feet with decimals or fractions
  • High-visibility reverse contrast display for easy viewing in low-lit areas
  • Easy-to-use interface with a single-button toggle between the voltage tester and laser distance meter
  • Audible indicator beeps at a greater frequency when sensing higher voltages or closer proximity to source
  • Auto power-off conserves and extends battery life
  • Screw-thread battery cap for added durability
  • Laser Class II, 630 to 670nm, Max. Power <1mW
  • 6.6-Foot (2 m) drop protection
  • Ingress Protection IP40 Dust Resistant
  • CAT IV 1000 V
  • Lightweight tool with pocket clip for easy everyday carrying and storage

“With the integration of the laser distance meter, Klein Tools’ newest non-contact voltage tester offers multi-purpose functionality, combining two commonly used tools into one,” says Sean O’ Flaherty, director of product management at Klein Tools. “The NCVT-6 can detect AC voltage from 12 to 1000 V and can measure distances up to 66 ft. Its easy, single-button change between voltage detection and laser distance measurements make this easy to carry tool the perfect solution for tradespeople working on job sites from small residential developments to large-scale commercial endeavors.”

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