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Thermal Imaging Technology Detects Hot Spots

July 11, 2019
Viper Imaging has created an out-of-the-box solution to provide hot spot detection.

Viper Imaging introduces the new Viper Predator system for industrial hot spot detection. Using thermal imaging technology, the Viper Predator system continuously monitors temperature and identifies hot spots before anomalies cause problems.

“A load on the circuit combined with a poor connection will cause arcing, creating a hot spot," says Viper co-owner Rich Shannon. "Proactive identification allows for planned corrective action, as opposed to production downtime and unplanned maintenance – not to mention potentially dangerous situations.”

While undetectable to the naked eye, these issues are clearly visible with thermal imaging. The Predator identifies these warning signs of impending failure and will alarm, notifying users of a problem before it shuts down the line or a machine.

The Viper Predator includes three main components: a thermal imaging camera, industrial camera housing and proprietary software called ViperVision. The Predator makes it easy to monitor processes and critical assets using thermal technology. The system comes fully documented with a quick-start guide to get users up and running quickly. All mounting hardware, cables and accessories needed for installation are included in the box.

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