AFL Launches New Connectors and Accessories

June 30, 2019
The manufacturer showcased new products for the power industry at a recent conference.

AFL, a manufacturer of fiber optic cable, equipment and accessories, showcased its new TAPLINK Wedge Connectors along with Swage Grounding Accessories and Swage Bus Accessories at the SEE 2019 Annual Conference. 

AFL’s TAPLINK Wedge Connectors are used to make aluminum-to-aluminum and aluminum-to-copper electrical connections on AAC, ACSR and AAAC conductors. These connectors tap a conductor to a main line distribution power line and hold continuous pressure on the conductors during thermal cycling. The product line includes Wedge Tap ConnectorsWedge Pad Tap ConnectorsWedge Stirrup Connectors and Hotline Connectors.

Swage Grounding Accessories are installed in an underground grid layout before a substation is constructed and are designed to discharge the over-voltages from overhead ground wires or the lightning masts into the ground. These accessories can be installed in inclement weather preventing costly installation shutdowns. This product line includes grounding couplerscrosselbowsterminals and more.

The Swage Bus Accessories use a compression technology process called "swaging" that enables installation of aluminum bus accessories without the need of a welder. Swage products allow the electric utility to install the accessories faster and more efficiently with lower installation costs over the welding process. Installation is three times faster than traditional welding process.

To learn more about AFL, its products and services, visit www.AFLglobal.com.


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