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Qualitrol Releases New Gas Options for Online DGA Monitor

May 18, 2019
The monitor now offers an optional helium carrier gas cylinder with a usage lifetime of 12 years. The calibration gas lifetime has also been extended to five years.

Qualitrol has teamed up with a global gas manufacturer to offer users of its TMx Online DGA monitor an ultra-high-volume Helium cylinder. The cylinders contain significantly more gas than conventional cylinders yet possess similar dimensions, ergonomics and safety classification. These cylinders use advanced materials to achieve an increased pressure rating. The valve on the cylinder includes an integrated regulator that steps the outlet supply pressure down to about 9,000 kPa (1,300 psig), so the new high-capacity cylinder is immediately compatible with all its existing regulators and gas tubing.

  • Increased volume of gas means the new cylinder will offer considerably longer durations between cylinder exchanges
  • Purchasing a large supply of gas in one cylinder protects against any future gas commodity price increases
  • Cylinder contents are always displayed, even without a regulator attached thanks to the integrated pressure gauge
  • Practically, this innovation means that only one cylinder exchange is required to provide the monitor with a lifetime of carrier gas – up to 24 years of gas with one exchange

Calibration Gas
Based on a proprietary and verifiable production and testing processes, coupled with industry experience and access to a global network of research and development facilities, its calibration gas supplier, working with Qualitrol, have created an innovative calibration gas cylinder that extends the usable life of the TMx calibration gas cylinder from three years to five years.

This change effects on the lifetime only. Physical size and operation remain unchanged.

  • The cylinder need only be replaced every five years as compared to the previous version which expired after three years.

This is a step change in the use of Gas Chromatography for online dissolved gas analysis: These two innovations result in a 60% reduction in site visits to manage consumable gases while ensuring the Qualitrol Serveron TMx monitor provides lifelong, high accuracy, laboratory-grade DGA data.

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