Tdworld 18493 Screen Shot 2019 05 06 At 1 35 21 Pm
Tdworld 18493 Screen Shot 2019 05 06 At 1 35 21 Pm
Tdworld 18493 Screen Shot 2019 05 06 At 1 35 21 Pm
Tdworld 18493 Screen Shot 2019 05 06 At 1 35 21 Pm
Tdworld 18493 Screen Shot 2019 05 06 At 1 35 21 Pm

Self-Healing System Reduces Outages From Hours to Seconds

May 6, 2019
Through the distributed architecture and using real-time data and automation, CENTRIX can identify faults, isolate them and restore them automatically.

The Centrix advanced feeder automation platform from ACS leverages utilities' existing infrastructure with technology. Companies can reduce outage durations from hours to seconds through automatic isolation and service restoration, including a “return-to-normal” function with no violations or further service interruption. Utilities can also improve permanent outage statistics, such as SAIDI, CAIDI and SAIFI by transforming the majority of the service interruptions to momentary outages.

Centrix provides “distributed intelligence” that is said to be easy to deploy and integrate into existing systems. It provides the following features:

  • Distribution automation deployed where it is needed the most
  • Templated model builder, no need for a map
  • Make your system more resilient and reliable, one island at a time
  • Integrate and manage distributed energy resources from the substations and feeders they impact
  • Report status and information back to your centralized SCADA or DMS

Centrix uses a new, advanced approach to Distribution Automation at the feeder level. This approach allows Centrix to support many companion applications. ACS has taken the functionality and capability of its model–driven advanced DMS applications and developed a stand-alone system that is easier to configure and deploy. The cost of a Centrix installation is comparable to that of a peer–to–peer distributed approach, without requiring vendor-specific hardware.

Because Centrix is a model–based solution, it supports multiple automation applications—including Loss CVR, Interactive Volt/VAR Control and FDIR—without the complexity normally associated with creating the model. Centrix models are easy to build, using pre–defined feeder topology templates.

Visit the Web site or view the video clip below for more information. 

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