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Reduce Transformer Failures with Scheduled Load Tap Changer Inspections

April 16, 2019
Preventive maintenance keeps production running for transformers.

A Load Tap Changer (LTC) failure can be catastrophic to the rest of the electric power system. SDMyers, a transfomer reliability company, estimates that about 40 percent of LTC-equipped transformer failures are caused by failure of the LTC.

With regular inspections, a company will know when it is time to calibrate or replace worn parts and perform maintenance before they become a legitimate threat to its operation.

The moving parts of an LTC make it far more susceptible to routine wear and tear than passive components. When an LTC fails, it can take the transformer with it. Transformer owners can protect this vulnerable component of the electrical system with regular inspection and testing that can reveal mechanical faults, electrical faults, fluid filming and moisture content and faulty gaskets.

For more information and a video detailing SDMyers’ LTC services, click here. 

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