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S&C Electric Launches Switching System for Overhead Power Distribution

April 16, 2019
New solid-dielectric technology helps the industry move away from greenhouse gas equipment.

S&C Electric Company has announced the launch of the Scada-Mate SD Switching System, a non-SF6, environmentally friendly solution designed to improve reliability while reducing greenhouse gases on the distribution grid. This switching system uses vacuum interrupters to extinguish electrical arcs, replacing the SF6 gas interrupters used in the predecessors of the product line. This frees the Scada-Mate SD Switching System from falling under the increasing regulations that govern use of products containing SF6—making it better for the environment and easier for utilities to integrate onto their systems.

SF6 gas has been used in medium- and high-voltage electrical equipment for decades but is heavily regulated because of its potency as a greenhouse gas. Utilities that use equipment with SF6on their systems are required to establish procedures for gas inventory, accounting, tracking, training, and recycling—all of which strain tight operations budgets for utilities. 

"S&C has anticipated the need to find alternatives to gas-insulated equipment while making it easy for utilities to upgrade equipment on their system. We've made sustainability a part of our innovation processes at S&C and have transformed another of our product lines into a solution that meets the needs of both the grid and the environment," says Tim Qualheim, S&C's Chief Product Development Officer. "The Scada-Mate SD Switching System proves how emission-reduction initiatives can ultimately lead to creating a more sustainable, equally cost-effective solution for our customers."

The Scada-Mate SD Switching System is designed for medium-voltage distribution systems and has the same functions and features as its predecessors. It is available in 14.4-kV and 25-kV models for 60-Hz applications and in 10-kV and 20-kV models for 50-Hz applications. For additional information on the Scada-Mate SD Switching System, including product ratings and specifications, please visit

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