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G&W Electric and Survalent Partner to Deliver Turnkey Distribution Automation Solutions

Feb. 4, 2019
G&W Electric has entered into an agreement to bundle Survalent software into its LaZer II and LaZer III distribution automation solutions.

G&W Electric has entered into an agreement to bundle Survalent software into its LaZer II and LaZer III distribution automation solutions. As a result, utilities can now automatically restore power in seconds to as many customers as possible in the case of a fault or loss of voltage on a feeder.

“Utilities are facing more pressure than ever to implement effective distribution automation," says aid John Mueller, Chairman and Owner of G&W Electric. "Severe weather conditions are becoming more common and the workforce is shrinking, even as regulators are demanding that utilities increase reliability. Integrating SurvalentONE software with our industry-leading equipment for distribution automation enables us to deliver a proven, high-quality product that helps our customers overcome these challenges and increase the reliability of power flow.”

Hundreds of utilities have benefited from the solutions G&W and Survalent have provided to the power industry over the past 100+ and 50+ years, respectively. G&W delivers innovative power distribution solutions, including the latest in load and fault interrupting switchgear, reclosers, system protection equipment and distribution automation to the utility. Survalent is a provider of advanced distribution management system (ADMS) software to enable utilities to control their critical network operations with confidence.

G&W LaZer automation solutions are a family of complete, pre-engineered FLISR solutions that can include G&W switchgear, IEDs, communication equipment, protocols, software, integration services and Factory Acceptance Tests. With this agreement, LaZer II will include SurvalentONE Fault Location, Isolation, and Restoration (FLISR) and Loss of Voltage (LOV) in the bundle and LaZer III will include FLISR, LOV, andDistribution Power Flow (DPF). These solutions detect faults and low voltage issues, isolate the feeder sections, calculate back-up feeder capacity, and create switch orders to automatically redistribute and restore power flow. This can have a dramatic impact on reliability metrics. For example, Survalent FLISR has helped one utility reduce SAIDI by 46.9%, SAIFI by 38.7%, and CAIDI by 13.1% after one year.

Steve Mueller, President and Chief Executive Officer of Survalent agrees. “LaZer II and III are ideal for utilities looking to modernize their network with future-proof distribution automation capabilities. SurvalentONE applications are hardware vendor-agnostic so they will integrate seamlessly with G&W’s equipment,” Mueller says. “We’re pleased to provide the software that will enable these LaZer solutions to improve reliability, automate processes to restore power to many customers affected by outages within seconds and help utilities attract and retain their valuable commercial and industrial customers.”

LaZer II and LaZer III are already available. For those attending DistribuTECH 2019, G&W will deliver live demonstrations of LaZer solutions at Booth # 11143 from February 5 to 7, 2019.

To learn more about G&W LaZer solutions, visit the Web site for more information. 

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