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NKT Releases Digital Cable Drum Tracking Solution

Jan. 1, 2019
NKT has introduced a digital platform namedTrackMyDrum to enable smart handling of cable drums.

NKT has introduced a digital platform namedTrackMyDrum to enable smart handling of cable drums.

TrackMyDrum was developed by NKT’s digital hub, THINKT Digital, in close collaboration with German companies in the energy and installation industry to meet the demand for smarter asset management. Each year, these companies have large costs related to fees for delayed drum return, for drums left on or stolen from construction sites, as well as inventory management. These are all challenges that are easy to handle with the new digital platform, according to NKT.

"We see a great demand in the market for smarter asset management," says Oliver Schlodder, Executive Vice President and Head of Service & Accessories in NKT with responsibility for the digital hub. "With TrackMyDrum, we can ensure an improved utilization of cables, less waste and scrap, smooth drum journey and accelerated operations of our customers. We simply track, digitize, document and notify the users of the tool of the entire drum and cable journey from delivery to return." 

TrackMyDrum is a combination of a digital platform, smartphone app and connected IoT-sensors collecting the data needed for the smart asset management. Customer input has been a key element in the development of NKT’s new drum tracking platform.

"It has been an amazing journey to experience and enhance the level of collaboration across the industry," says Veaceslav Driglov, Head of THINKT Digital. "We started with the simple drum tracking idea that grew into a full-fledged project management tool to empower our customers. Now, they can easily get a full picture of the cable usage and the entire drum journey. All the features are based on the feedback and input provided by the professionals handling power cables and drums every day." 

TrackMyDrum is already in use at utilities, installation companies and cable vendors in Germany, and NKT is now working to bring the digital tool to even more customers in Germany and across Europe.

Key features in TrackMyDrum

  • Smart asset tracking to know exactly when drums and cables arrive, which project they are aimed for and how much cable is left on the drum
  • Rental period of the drum is highlighted, and alerts are sent out to ensure the return in time
  • GPS tracking for full overview of drum location
  • Geo-Fencing to reduce theft and lost drums with GPS-based alerts when a drum is moved outside of a pre-set area
  • Damages on the asset can be directly reported

TrackMyDrum, developed by THINKT Digital, has been released on Google Play and the App Store. The Smart Asset- and Project Management tool is now available for download and usage by anyone handling drums and cables. For more information, visit the Web site

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