Vaisala's Data Loggers Monitor Temperature with Wireless Technology

Jan. 1, 2019
Vaisala launches a new long-range wireless temperature data logger for GxP-compliant monitoring.

Vaisala introduces the latest version of the RFL series data loggers – the RFL100 Temperature-only. The data loggers use Vaisala’s proprietary VaiNet wireless technology to monitor temperature in fridges, freezers, incubators, LN2 tanks, cold rooms and ultralow temperature freezers. 

Each wireless data logger can communicate more than 100 m indoors, depending on conditions. Connectivity for up to 32 RFL100 data loggers is provided by a VaiNet Access Point (AP10). The RFL100 temperature data loggers use fixed or cabled probes for a measurement range of -196 to +90 °C. For temperature and humidity monitoring, Vaisala launched the VaiNet Wireless Temp/RH Data Logger RFL100 earlier this year.  All RFL data loggers use viewLinc 5.0 software for monitoring, alarming and reporting.

“Feedback from customers using the RFL temperature and humidity data loggers has been very promising," says Product Manager Anniina Uotila of Industrial Measurements, Vaisala. "There are several reasons why the customers appreciate the VaiNet wireless data loggers; one widely recognized benefit is the highly secure wireless data transfer system. The VaiNet system uses a low range signal, which is not impeded by obstacles you would often encounter in industrial environments and warehouses, like metal shelving and cement block walls. Customers also prefer the effortlessness and cost-efficiency of wireless installation. This is a huge benefit particularly in a large and complex warehouse environment.” 

Uotila says running cables for power or Ethernet to each warehouse data logger is unnecessary if you have a reliable signal with significant reach, like the RFL100.  

"Customers also like that they can relocate the RFL100 data loggers if needed," Uotila says. "This builds on the ease-of-use of the viewLinc monitoring system. The monitoring software combined with the incomparable signal range and highly secured data has proven to be a trusted solution, especially to our customers in GxP-regulated businesses." 

The RFL100 temperature data loggers connect to viewLinc software without local configuration. All communications are encrypted and verified by the system before being stored to a secure database that ensures data integrity. The RTD temperature sensor provides superior measurement stability. Probe options are based on the temperature range required, and include the plastic HMP115 and stainless steel HMP110 probes. The newest probe option is the wide-range stainless steel temperature probe: the TMP115 measuring -196 to +90 °C.nDeliveries of the RFL100 temperature data loggers are estimated to start in January 2019.

For product options and specifications, visit the Web site. 

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