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nVent Offers Insulated Braided Conductors for Circuit Breakers

Aug. 17, 2018
IBS and IBSB Advanced are nVent's ready-to-install flexible wire replacement solution for connections to all molded case circuit breakers.

nVent, a vendor of electrical connection and protection solutions, announces the launch of IBS and IBSB Advanced, nVent ERIFLEX’s ready-to-install flexible wire replacement solution for connections to all molded case circuit breakers, including the most compact breakers on the market. IBSB Advanced connects to front-access terminals of breakers without any additional accessories such as angular connectors, spreaders, ring terminal connectors or extenders.

Manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified automated facility, IBS & IBSB Advanced is formed by weaving high-quality electrolytic copper wire to make a durable low-voltage connector with maximum flexibility, allowing for more compact power connections to circuit breakers. IBS & IBSB Advanced allows users to reduce the total size and weight of the installation, improving design flexibility and assembly aesthetics. The unique manufacturing process of integral pre-punched solid palms makes IBS & IBSB Advanced ready to connect out of the box. There are no lugs to purchase or install, making connections simpler and faster and eliminating faulty connections due to vibration or fatigue.

The Advanced technology insulation offers a high-resistance, low-smoke, halogen-free and flame-retardant thermoplastic (LSHFFR) with a 115°C maximum working temperature rating. Each of these features allows for greater safety and reliability in electrical environments and applications. Additionally:

  •  IBS & IBSB Advanced range has a low-smoke opacity, eliminating the generation of corrosive gases in the case of a fire. The low-smoke characteristic improves visibility and allows rescue workers to better assess an emergency.
  • The IBS & IBSB Advanced halogen-free feature reduces the quantity of toxic smoke. Advanced does not contain halogens, minimizing toxicity and making it ideal for use in a variety of spaces, including data centers, hospitals, schools and enclosed environments that require low emissions such as submarines.
  • The flame-retardant quality of the IBS & IBSB Advanced range highlights the self-extinguishing feature. In the case of a fire, Advanced generates a limited quantity of smoke that is less damaging to electrical equipment.

“nVent ERIFLEX IBS & IBSB Advanced technology establishes a new gold standard in the electrical market,” said nVent Product Manager Christophe Douzet. “IBS & IBSB Advanced is a unique, safe and ready-to-use conductor range that combines valuable features to improve the safety of people and electrical equipment while maintaining the flexibility our customers expect.”

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