Tdworld 14327 Voltage Summary

Xcel Energy Deploys Grid Edge Control

Aug. 7, 2018
The DVCs will enhance the system Conservation Voltage Reduction performance

As part of Colorado's Integrated Volt VAR Optimization initiative, Xcel Energy has selected Varentec Inc., with its Edge of Network Grid Optimization (ENGO) devices and its Grid Edge Management System (GEMS) platform, as the primary supplier for innovative Dynamic Secondary Voltage Controllers (DVCs). The DVCs will enhance the system Conservation Voltage Reduction performance on top of what is achieved with traditional medium-voltage Volt VAR Optimization. This announcement follows Colorado Public Utilities Commission approval of the Advanced Grid Intelligence and Security filing in May 2017.

Public Service of Colorado, an Xcel Energy company, has committed to deploy 2,000 ENGO devices and the GEMS software platform within the next 2 years across 472 circuits in the Denver Metropolitan area to meet Colorado's ambitious efficiency targets, and is planning to increase those towards the Commission-approved 4,350 devices as the AGIS project progresses over time.

Over a period of three years, pilot testing of Varentec's technology at an Xcel Energy substation has demonstrated potential voltage reduction of as much as 5%, delivering validated year-round energy savings of 3.3%. DVCs are providing enhanced Conservation Voltage Reduction performance by boosting feeder voltage outliers at the edge of the grid.

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