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Dynamic Line Rating Tools Integrated into SCADA

April 12, 2018
Ampacimom will be at Booth 228 at the IEEE PES T&D Expo

Founded in 2010 and based on research undertaken since 2003 at University of Liège (Belgium), Ampacimon develops innovative Dynamic Line Rating systems. Dynamic Line is made of stand-alone sensors installed on high-voltage lines, coupled to software interfacing with dispatching centers SCADAs.

Ampacimon markets the ADR (Ampacimon Dynamic Rating) product line, which includes quantification/modeling tools, real-time monitoring systems, and days-ahead forecasting software, integrated in T/DSOs SCADAs. Ampacimon works alongside its customers globally, helping them to optimize their grids.

Ampacimon systems are deployed in numerous grids around the world such as RTE (France), Elia (Belgium,Germany), Tennet (the Netherlands), Ameren (USA), HydroQuebec (Canada). The system consists of sensors installed on high-voltage lines that measure key parameters influencing the maximum thermal capacity of a line (vibrations, temperature, sag, wind speed). It measures the so-called « ampacity » of a line, i.e its true, real-time maximum capacity (which is usually significantly higher than its design capacity).

Ampacimon’s systems are used both at transmission and distribution levels.

Ampacimon’s systems use case typically include:

  • integration of renewable generation on grids.
  • congestion management.
  • optimization of scheduled maintenance.
  • compliance with grid security requirements.
  • increase the security of supply of electricity markets.

Ampacimon | Booth 228

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