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Power Recorder, Analyzer Targets Distributed Generation

Nov. 3, 2017
The unit’s rugged IP67 enclosure facilitates outdoor installation; ideal for wind power and solar array installations; plug-and play unit records power generation/quality and energy data; cell phone communications provide data retrieval and setup

PowerCET has introduced its innovative PQ Rugged power recorder/analyzer designed to provide critical electrical operational data on remote installations such as solar generation arrays and wind turbines. The unique feature of the PQ Rugged package is its self-contained cell phone antennas and modem, enabling the unit to communicate with its host without access to any local data infrastructure. Housed in a weather-proof (IP-67) enclosure designed for exterior wall mounting, the PQ Rugged allows users to remotely diagnose reliability issues, ensure utility compatibility and verify power output. Plus, it catches transient disruptions and voltage anomalies to confirm “all-good” or “poor” power quality.  A single visit by a field service technician is all that is typically required to install the plug-and-play unit.

Upon connection to the electrical service to be monitored, the self-powered unit immediately begins recording data to notify its host of power quality events. Meanwhile, it begins recording power generation data and compiling reports.  Waveform data and other information is accessible via the user’s Internet browser. Changes in setup and other commands are sent to the unit via the unit’s secure email address.

“The PQ Rugged is the most economic and efficient way to monitor power generation and power quality at remote locations like wind turbine or solar array installations,” said Michael Daish, PowerCET’s VP Sales & Marketing. “The unit eliminates the need for multiple field engineering trips and truck-rolls, thanks to its self-contained cellular communications feature.”

The PQ Rugged is a full Class A (IEC 61000-4-30) instrument that measures the entire range of power parameters to track energy generation with revenue-grade accuracy. It monitors and records power quality, power generation and energy. At the heart of the unit is the Power Standards Lab PQube3® multi-function power quality and energy meter, which provides eight current channels, DC voltage and current capabilities and conducts high-frequency (2 kHz-150 kHz) monitoring. In addition, the unit is equipped with a full complement of current and voltage probes and environmental sensors. PowerCET also provides full application support and configuration assistance.

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