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Fault and Pre-Failure Analytics Scalable Across Large Multi-Communications Sensor Deployments

Oct. 3, 2017
GAS v1.6 offers important new analytics enhancements to the Ample Analytics Suite

Sentient Energy, Inc. has announced the newest release of its flagship Grid Analytics Solution (GAS) v1.6. Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System includes intelligent line sensors, distributed apps, and the Ample Analytics Suite.

GAS v1.6 offers important new analytics enhancements to the Ample Analytics Suite, including single and seamless display of waveforms during multiple network operations and GPS time stamps for all non-fault disturbance captures to help identify pre-failure network anomalies. GAS v1.6 offers scalability across as many as 30,000 intelligent line sensors on leading mesh or cellular networks.

GAS v1.6 also includes key new capabilities streamlining deployment and management of large scale sensor role outs. An enhanced graphical system dashboard provides visualization and status of all intelligent line sensors as they are deployed and managed throughout the provisioning process. Version 1.6 also offers the ability to selectively “ping” line sensors for status and control LED display, and a configurable email notification system that utility users can subscribe to when new sensors are commissioned or when key status changes occur.

“Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics Solution continues to scale with the expansion of customer deployments,” said Sentient Energy CEO, Jim Keener. “Our company will deliver scalability to support deployments of 100,000 intelligent line sensors in 2018. This is crucial to meet the rapidly growing demand for Sentient Energy’s flagship Grid Analytics System as we expand coverage to the entire distribution grid by adding our new generation of sensors for overhead laterals and underground cable monitoring to complement our MM3 intelligent line sensors.”

Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System will continue to communicate on both mesh and cellular network communication systems, including the latest 4G LTE networks. Sentient Energy ZM1 sensors can be deployed where no or very-low amperage is available to power monitoring devices, including laterals, and at the end of overhead feeder lines. Sentient Energy’s UM3, planned for availability in 2018, will support underground distribution monitoring in underground padmount switch cabinets and vaults.

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