Doble Acquires Vanguard Instruments

Sept. 18, 2017
Doble expands product portfolio to equip customers with complete range of diagnostic solutions

Doble Engineering has announced its acquisition of California-based Vanguard Instruments.

Founded in 1991 and located in Ontario, California, Vanguard Instruments offers a wide range of diagnostic test equipment that accurately and efficiently measures the health of critical substation equipment, such as transformers, circuit breakers, and protective relays.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the resources and knowledge they need to perform their jobs accurately, safely, and efficiently,” said Bryan Sayler, president of Doble. “Vanguard Instrument’s products are an excellent complement to the Doble portfolio. From specialized equipment through comprehensive diagnostic solutions, our customers can now choose from a complete range of rugged and reliable equipment to test the health of their critical assets.”

Vanguard Instrument’s first product was a computerized, extra high voltage (EHV) circuit breaker analyzer, which became the forerunner of an entire line of EHV circuit breaker test equipment. The company’s portfolio has since grown tremendously to include microcomputer-based precision micro-ohmmeters; single- and three-phase transformer winding turns-ratio testers; transformer winding-resistance meters; mega-ohm resistance meters; and a variety of other application-specific products.

“With a shared commitment for providing quality, user-friendly equipment and unparalleled support and services, we are excited to join the Doble community,” said Hai Nguyen, founder and president of Vanguard Instruments. “Through our combined resources, we will be able to empower utilities with the most reputable, rugged, and reliable test equipment on the market.”

Earlier this year, Doble also welcomed Morgan Schaffer as a new subsidiary, expanding Doble’s existing dissolved gas analysis capabilities through new test and monitoring equipment, software, and laboratory services. Both acquisitions highlight Doble’s continued commitment to providing customers with best-in-class diagnostic solutions and services.

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