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ARCOS Acquires Mobile Damage Assessment Software Provider SAMsix

Nov. 14, 2016
Combined products will improve utilities’ operational efficiency, restoration time and reliability

ARCOS LLC has acquired SAMsix, a provider of utility mobile software. The acquisition combines ARCOS’ abilities to activate and manage personnel and equipment with SAMsix’s mobile damage assessment and crew location services. The purchase fulfills ARCOS customer demand for automated mobile damage and location services as part of the ARCOS platform and strategically supports ARCOS’ mission to help utilities improve operational efficiency, restoration time, and service reliability for their customers. 

The ARCOS enterprise solution enables utilities to automate call out, manage crews for daily work, and mobilize emergency response logistics and personnel (i.e., internal support staff, mutual assistance crews and contractors) during a large outage or catastrophic event. The SAMsix products help utilities quickly document damage to infrastructure in hours versus days. The SAMsix solution also supports routine field inspections in addition to providing crew location services that enable comprehensive situational awareness during an emergency.

“When combined with SAMsix, the ARCOS platform will be the first in the utility industry to integrate damage assessment, crew resource management, and the logistics support needed for routine field inspections and to restore power and respond during emergency events,” said Bruce Duff, chief executive officer of ARCOS. “This will significantly improve a utility’s ability to accurately forecast the estimated time of restoration (ETR) for customers and regulators.”

As utilities use SAMsix to determine repairs and material needs, managers can quickly estimate whether they require mutual assistance and contractor crews to complete the work, getting the power on sooner at less cost to the utility. SAMsix crew tracking also monitors the movement of crews into or across a utility’s service territory, while ARCOS Crew Manager allows storm and incident commanders to manage today’s available crews and support resources along with planning tomorrow’s work based on the anticipated arrival time of crews at staging sites.

“With our mobile applications, front-line crews and contractor personnel have reduced the time required for damage assessment, daily inspection and other operational tasks from days to hours,” added Steve McMaster, SAMsix founder, now managing director of SAMsix products at ARCOS. “SAMsix apps are device agnostic, running on smartphones, tablets and PCs. They are 100-percent functional without connectivity, allowing uninterrupted reporting and navigation during storms. And they fully integrate with corporate OMS, WMS and GIS closing the loop from job assignment to completion.”

ARCOS will integrate the SAMsix products into the ARCOS platform. SAMsix customers will continue to be serviced by the same team members and have the same high-quality SAMsix products and service and have the option to access the ARCOS product suite. The combined company will maintain SAMsix’s New Paltz, NY office and all employees.

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