Monitoring Device Tackles Transformer Downtime

Nov. 2, 2015
Vaisala has shipped the first customer orders for a new Moisture, Hydrogen, and Temperature Transmitter -MHT410.

Vaisala has shipped the first customer orders for a new Moisture, Hydrogen, and Temperature Transmitter -MHT410 - designed to help power and energy utilities minimize transformer-related downtime and, in doing so, address a significant energy bottleneck.

The MHT410 continuously monitors changes in high-voltage transformer insulating oil, providing accurate real-time measurements and online trend data to facilitate reliable early decision-making. The MHT410 swiftly recognizes transformer fault conditions, allowing Vaisala's customers to diagnose and resolve potential problems before any further damage is done. This data subsequently allows operators to conduct thorough predictive maintenance planning to minimize expensive service shutdowns and outages.

Unlike conventional measurement devices, the MHT410 benefits from a unique adjustable probe design that's installed in the transformer oil. This places its sensors in direct contact with representative oil in the transformer providing measurements and data with unparalleled accuracy. Information collected by the probe is instantly available to project operators and is designed to integrate seamlessly with most data acquisition systems

While many devices available on the market incorporate complex pumps, hoses, batteries and other consumable parts, the MHT410 is built to last and has no service or replacement needs that may affect the reliable long-term performance of the probe. Maintenance-free, with no calibration or adjustment required after installation, the MHT410 fits into a variety of transformer valves and can be installed and ready to use within minutes - as experienced by a number of beta clients.

Maintenance Engineer Mikko Piironen from Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks Ltd says: "With Vaisala's MHT410 transmitter we have an altogether more practical and reliable means of monitoring transformer performance. It allows us to optimize the technical life cycle of our transformers and react to potential faults in the very early phase of their development - avoiding costly interruptions to production."  

Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks Ltd is one of Finland's largest urban energy companies, producing and selling electricity and district heating. The company is responsible for the construction and maintenance of district heating networks in Vantaa, Finland.

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