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ABB Celebrates 50-Year Anniversary of FT Flexitest switch

Sept. 15, 2015
ABB, the original FT switch manufacturer, continues to deliver a product for in-service testing of relays, meters and instruments by any conventional system.

ABB has announced the 50-year anniversary of the FT Flexitest™ switch.

The first Flexitest switch was created in 1964 by Westinghouse. The switch continued to be sold following Westinghouse’s merger with ABB in 1988, and ABB has used its global expertise to develop the FT switch into a superior medium voltage product.. Since then, ABB has become the market leader with the largest installed base in test switch technology.

The switches are designed and manufactured for quick and easy multi-circuit testing. Access to the relay or other device circuits for testing can be achieved without disconnecting any wiring. The visible make-before-break shorting feature allows test personnel to quickly and safely isolate equipment from current transformer (CT) circuits. Flexitest design features provide convenience, safety, security and flexibility.

ABB offers a complete line of switches, switch assemblies and test plugs for separate source and in-service testing including FT-1/X/F, FT-14, FT-19R/RX/RS, and FT-22RS test switches. Due to the robust design and reliability, ABB has never charged for repair or replacement in the past 50 years.

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